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Attorney Brian Michaels has represented several high profile people. Our philosophy is quite different in representing the celebrity or high profile personality than some of the more common characters who publicize themselves as celebrity lawyers.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Michaels knows from prosecuting high profile individuals, where the press is involved, that the worst thing in the world for a celebrity to have injected into his or her criminal case is the press. Not only will the press not report correctly, but they will taint a jury pool against your client.

In cases where the public is watching it is our experience, that both Prosecutors and Judges can be far more prone to be over zealous, unfair, and sometimes unethical because they are trying to make a name for themselves. Or they are afraid of being seen as too weak and sometimes seek harsh or inappropriate sentences. This isn't always true but it is a factor.

Our philosophy is to keep the press as far away from the case as possible. If a fair deal can be arranged behind closed doors before the press gets ahold of it, then we do that. If, however, a media charged case gets out of control and the personality needs to go to trial, that person needs someone who understands how the media plays into the process and how to deal with it. Mr. Michaels has been on cases both as a Prosecutor and Defense Attorney where there has been heavy media involvement and has the presence and experience to manage the high profile case in the best interest of the client, and not the attorney.