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The Law Office of Brian Michaels has had substantial success in relieving individuals convicted of crimes from the immigration consquences of their criminal cases. More and more, the Federal Government is pursuing indivduals with deportable offenses no matter how old the conviction. It is critical that when you hire a criminal defense attorney, whether it is before your case begins, or after you have suffered a conviction your lawyer knows your immigration status and how much of a prirority it is to defending your case. To many people it is the most important factor in determining their choices. If you have suffered a conviction that makes you potentially deportable, you have post conviction options and we have saved many people from the dire consequence of deportation or removal after a criminal case is long over. Contact our office for a free evaluation of your case at any time. The below link provides a fairly recent analysis of how all criminal cases affect immigration. This is not legal advice but a general overview of the law. To receive an updated analysis of your case get a specific opinion from an immigration or criminal defense attorney. Our office prefers to work together with Immigration counsel and to that end have several excellent Immigration lawyers we work with.

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