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Theft Crimes

Theft crimes can run the gamut from simple misdemeanor Petty Theft cases to more serious and complex white collar crimes. Our office handles all forms of theft or missappropriation cases from Petty Theft to Fraud, Grand Theft, Grand Theft Auto, Identity Theft, Forgery, NSF, Forged Checks, Embezzlement or any form of criminal offense that involves allegations of theft. One misconception is the concept of Burglary always being a theft crime. It is not. Burglary is the breaking and entering of a home or business for purpose of committing certain Felonies, theft or larceny being but one theory. Burglary in addition to Robbery are serious Felony offenses our office is committed to defending. As in any criminal case early intervention in your case provides you the best chance of a reasonable resolution.

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