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Violent Crimes in Los Angeles

Crimes of violence of course have some of the most severe consequences in the law. Like any subject matter there are extreme differences in the penalties and punishment for various crimes of violence. Simple battery offenses can involve the use of force with no real injury and can still be charged as a misdemeanor offense. Domestic Violence charges can involve severe injury or very little injury but so long as it is visible it is chargeable as Domestic Violence. There are the more common forms of simple violent crime cases. Generaly the more serious the injury the more serious the consequence. Serious Felony crimes of violence include Murder, Manslaughter, Mayhem, Rape, These types of more severe violent crimes are always charged a Felonies and can of course carry penalties up to life in prison. Someone charged with any kind of crime of violence will face serious consequences. In many cases there may be valid defenses such as Self Defense, Defense of Others or Necessity. Our office has experience in defending any crime of violence.

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