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Mr. Michaels is very skilled, intelligent, and above all kind.

“Mr. Michaels is an absolutely exceptional attorney. He was very prompt to initially respond, and seemed dedicated to my case right out the gate. Not only did he keep me updated and informed the entire time but at no point did I feel he wasn't handling my case competently and with efficiency. He was able to keep me out of jail and on top of that was able to achieve the best possible outcome for my situation. Now I am simply waiting comfortably in informal probation until I can dismiss the misdemeanor next year. I never felt like he was going to drop the ball. He seemed to be at the top of his game the whole time, even regarding the fact that he's a very busy man. Mr. Michaels is very skilled, intelligent, and above all kind. He doesn't mind answering all your questions, just make sure when you contact him you know exactly what you want to discuss, keep it brief and succinct and he will answer any and all questions you have. Make sure you pay attention to everything he says and don't ever waste any attorney's time. Brian Michaels will fight for you vivaciously, and use his prior knowledge and experience as a prosecutor to get you the best results he can. Nothing is guaranteed, however with Mr. Michaels, it seems it's quite close. If you care about your future, and your freedom, I highly suggest you hire this man as quickly as possible, and he will begin immediately building your case. Quick, calculated, responsible, and caring, you'd be wasting your money not hiring Brian Michaels. No matter how severe your case is if you want to be sure that your money is being spent wisely make sure you hire the man. His prices are very reasonable for the level and quality of service. Don't take my word for it, before I hired him he already had dozens of reviews like this one and it's what helped me decide to hire him. It was a great decision, and I don't regret it. If you hire him expect to add another raving review to Avvo as well. Thank you!”

– Ivan

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