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Brian knew exactly what needed to be done

“I was arrested, but never charged for alleged public intoxication. The case was never filed, but caused me to lose my Global Entry and experience biased treatment when re-entering the country through border control when I came back from international trips. Brian knew exactly what needed to be done and ended up securing an approval from the arresting police department to seal and destroy my arrest record, thus avoiding court. On top of that, I have to share that he learned, through a statement I provided him, about a previous lawyer I'd hired right after the arrest. That lawyer was supposed to handle my case when it went to court, which it didn't do within the one year statute of limitations for filing the charges. That lawyer subsequently cut ties with me and said I was good to go, never mentioning the option to have my record sealed and destroyed...and he kept my money. Brian was very upset that another lawyer would act so unethically and wrote that lawyer a letter demanding he refund the attorney fees I paid him. I received a full refund from that lawyer within a couple of days--clearly he knew he was in the wrong.”

– Jason

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