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“Brain, is a great lawyer and I hired him. When I contacted Brian, I was freaked out, I had a traffic citation 36 CFR 4.22 (b) (1) - 'operating a vehicle without due care', in a National park, but as federal laws go it was a misdemeanor. First thing he did was calm me down by reassuring that the case is in good hands. Brian does not try to sugar coat the situation, he gives it to you straight. He took care of all the court paper work, I did not even notice that I had a court case, he drove three hours to the court house and handled the whole thing like a pro. In the end when I was expecting the case to be toned down to a infraction and a fine, he got it dismissed !! Best money I've ever spent on a lawyer. For all those interested in a lawyer who actually responds quickly to your contact, Brian is the one. Text, email or call, he will respond back in under two hours, sometimes in minutes.”

– Megha

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